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sábado, 17 de febrero de 2018

Montefiori Cocktail • Raccolta Nº 1

'Papa' John DeFrancesco • Walking Uptown

Review by Scott Yanow
Papa John DeFrancesco, the father of Joey DeFrancesco, is a talented organist himself. On this informal set with his quartet (which also includes tenor-saxophonist Tim Warfield, his other musical son, guitarist Johnny DeFrancesco, and drummer Glenn Ferracone), Papa John mostly sticks to the blues and bluish material. In addition to a swinging version of "Sunny," the gospel-ish "People Get Ready," the funky "160 Million Dollar Chinese Man" (from the remake of Ocean's 11), and a vamp piece ("What Happened"), there are four blues at various tempos and levels of funk. Joey DeFrancesco makes guest appearances on two tracks (one apiece on trumpet and piano) and bassist Paul Klinefelter is on one number but otherwise the basic quartet is showcased romping and stomping out their brand of soulful blues.

viernes, 16 de febrero de 2018

Harold Johnson Sextet • Everybody loves a winner

Melody Maker All Stars • Waxing the Winners [1954-1955]

VA • Soul Organs Vol 2

Selection by / Compilado por:

Charles Earland, Hank Marr, Merl Saunders, Jesse Butler, Truman Thomas, Georgie Fame, Bill Doggett  ...

King Curtis • Soul Twist

Styles of Ornament • Alexander Speltz, 1904

Ornamentación de todas las épocas, pdf 1904
Formato pdf / año 1904 / 680 páginas / 98MB / idioma: inglés


Ornamentation of all times, pdf 1904
Format pdf / year 1904/680 pages / 98MB / language: English